Graphic Designer


Decorating is for cakes.


Decorating is for cakes.


I’m not here to make things pretty.

After 30 years of designing, creating, directing, and winning awards, of working for the Ackerman McQueen's of the world and for a world’s worth of clients, I know why I'm really here is to solve problems. To listen. To become an expert on who you are, what you do, who should care about it, and why, and to answer those questions with thoughtful, rational, jaw-dropping design.

And yes, the result is usually pretty.




List of Services

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Vibrant, exhilarating photography is essential to getting your brand message across. Whether creating a new advertising campaign or a cutting-edge website, images that tell compelling stories make your business stand out in a noisy marketplace. Enticing lifestyle photography and high-resolution executive portraits are examples of elements that work together to show clients that your services are the best in your industry.


When promoting your upcoming concert, live performance, or special event, an electrifying poster is the best way to make people take notice. You want to catch the eye of people who live their lives out and about, not glued to a screen. Professionally designed posters distributed throughout the community are a proven way to turn bored fun-seekers into excited ticket buyers.


logo design

In today's worldwide marketplace, investing in smart, sophisticated logo design will lead to long-term results. Potential customers don't start their journey with an office visit anymore; they start online. Branding all of your channels with an effective logo that perfectly captures your mission ensures that every introduction sets the right tone. Powerful logo design makes a statement before you ever speak a word.

graphic design

Stunning graphic design gives your marketing assets an edge over competitors. Professionally designed visuals give customers a feeling of trust, just like an upscale address or stylish furnishings. High-quality graphic design work invites engagement with your company message and provokes interest in the benefits that your services provide.


video production

Bring your marketing messages to life with professional video production. As an endless stream of content flows across the screen of your next customer, entice them to drop an anchor at your compelling story with high-definition, broadcast quality videos. Sharing the value of your products and services through dynamic video production is the best way to increase click-throughs and conversions.

outdoor advertising

When you decide to invest in outdoor advertising, it's essential to use visuals with maximum impact. Billboards, bus wraps, and street signs are more permanent than digital marketing, on display for weeks or months at a time. As busy potential customers fly by, turn their heads with persuasive outdoor advertising.


business cards

Does anyone use business cards anymore? From chance encounters at meetups to hurried conference exchanges, the answer is: yes. It's true that you never see a bulky Rolodex wheel sitting on the reception desk today, but easily distributing your contact information offline is just as important as ever. With professionally designed business cards printed with vital details about how to connect, you can turn handshakes into profitable accounts.

graphics - illustrations

Quality custom graphics and illustrations can be used again and again on all of your marketing materials. Unique graphic elements give potential customers a sense of what their life can become while using your products and services. Infographics and illustrations create a map of the benefits gained from doing business with your brand.


packaging design

When your products sit on store shelves, lined up next to dozens, maybe hundreds of other options, packaging design serves as your brand ambassador.

company logo

A company logo is more than a trademark--it's a symbol of professionalism and trust.


business logo

As your company continues to grow, your business logo will be printed thousands of times. From custom apparel to pages of your website, business logos must be as individual as your fingerprints.

brochure design

If you don't have quality brochure design, it's just a folded up piece of paper. You need layout and imagery that says, "Pick me up! I've got something you need to know."


design services / graphic design services

Comprehensive graphic design services ensure that your brand messaging is consistent across all channels and platforms. Customers today encounter your brand up to 18 times before contacting you, so want to make your presence intriguing and memorable. Professional design services lead to perfect cohesion and harmony.

concert posters

Sure, the gig only happens once, but electrifying concert posters stick around forever. Before the show, you need a vibrant advertisement to get folks down to the venue. But the best concert posters are true works of art, souvenirs of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


illustration artist

An accomplished illustration artist, my work has appeared on everything from park benches to protest signs.

creative outdoor advertising

As commuters whiz by from Point A to Point B and beyond, creative outdoor advertising will stop traffic.  


newspaper ad

A newspaper ad is your key to connecting with customers offline. Print news publishing is still a 30 billion dollar industry in the US, but the average print news reader only spends 17 minutes thumbing through their daily publication of choice. A dynamic newspaper ad will make sure they see your message before it hits the recycling bin.